jsPanel for bootstrap a jQuery plugin to create multifunctional floating panels

Don't miss jsPanel v4.x.x which supports Bootstrap and is free of any dependencies.

$( selector ).jsPanel( [ { options } , callback( jsPanel) ] )

.jsPanel() is a jQuery method that will create and append a jsPanel to the first element of the jQuery collection specified by the selector expression.

The jsPanel is highly configurable by a bunch of options and a few methods are provided to handle the jsPanel after insertion in the document.


  • jQuery 1.7 or greater (that includes 2.1.0)
  • jQuery UI 1.9 or greater but < 1.12 (at least with core, widget, mouse, resizable and draggable)
  • HTML5 capable browser
  • Bootstrap tested only with version 3.1.1

Arguments both optional

  • options Type: object
  • callback Type: function

Return value

  • The generated jsPanel

The most basic way to create a jsPanel is:


This appends a basic jsPanel with all its default options to the body element.

For a bunch of examples and documentation go to the API page